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  1. Extremely fast. It effectively uses the Emit library to generate mappers at run-time direct in IL as though these mappers are written by hand. Most other mappers use the Reflection library for mapping (or source code generation). Also EmitMapper minimizes boxing-unboxing operations and additional calls during mapping. For example it performs type conversion for value-types without boxing-unboxing and converts nested members without recursion (one-pass algorithm) when it is possible.
  2. Easy to use. Emit Mapper produces mappers at run time and there is no need for special complex build process unlike some other libraries which perform source code generation. Emit Mapper API is as simple as possible. You don't need to create any tedious XML document, or scatter strange attributes on your objects. Mapper can be created by one method call. But if you need fine-grained mapping configuration, you can easily reach it.
  3. Flexible. Emit Mapper doesn't have any hardcoded mapping strategy (special mapping attributes, XML documents or whatever) unlike most other mapping libraries. Instead, Emit Mapper has extremely flexible API and you can define any mapping yourself. For example you can define automatic mapping for DataReader to your business-objects. In general, Emit Mapper can be used as high performance tool for dynamic access to object properties and fields.
  4. Multi-Platform. The Emit Mapper can be run on Microsoft .NET Framework, Silverlight and Mono

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