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Couple more questions

Jul 16, 2010 at 9:05 PM
Ok, so I've begun to see the huge benefit of emit mapper and its flexibility but still have questions. 1) SourceFilter I've gotten working, however in a real world situation, it doesnt appear that its even checking sourcefilter. I can step through it and sourcefilters = null after fully instantiated. I tried to identify differences, but cant seem to make out any reason for this to work in a little sandbox scenario and not in others. var mapper = ObjectMapperManager.DefaultInstance.GetMapper<Original, Destination>( new DefaultMapConfig().DeepMap().FilterSource<object>( (value, state) => value != null)); 2) Does this constraint get processed on the processing of every property that is of "Object" descent? If not, how do I ensure that its effectively not copying anything to destination that was null on origin? 3) Are there any helpers to do custom reflection (eg, do something diff based on object.value without having to get type, then get types properties, etc) while still taking advantage of the caching? I really want to use this vs writing it from scratch... but I need to understand it better, and the code doesn't make that immediately obvious as to how things are going to be dealt with. I dont mean to complain, assuming I can solve these problems... I intend to document what I've found. Appreciate the response..