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LightDataAccess.ObjectsChangeTracker.GetChanges overloaded version


It would be nice to have overloaded version of GetChanges method, which gives changes between two different objects of the same type.
It's not always convinient/possible to call RegisterObject and later get its changes.
Often I have just two different "snapshot" objects of the same type.
Of course I can write the following code:
var tracker = new ObjectsChangeTracker();
var mapper = ObjectMapperManager.DefaultInstance.GetMapper<AAA, AAA>();
var tmp = mapper.Map(originalObj);
mapper.Map(currentObj, tmp);
var changes = tracker.GetChanges(tmp);
but it's much easier and better from performance standpoint to write it in the following way:
var tracker = new ObjectsChangeTracker();
var changes = tracker.GetChanges(originalObj, currentObj);
The implementation of overloaded GetChanges method is below:
public TrackingMember[] GetChanges(object originalObj, object currentObj)
  if (originalObj == null || currentObj == null || originalObj.GetType() != currentObj.GetType())
    return null;
  var originalValues = GetObjectMembers(originalObj);
  var currentValues  = GetObjectMembers(currentObj);
  return currentValues
      (current, idx) =>
        var original = originalValues[idx];
          ((original.value == null) != (current.value == null))
          (original.value != null && !original.value.Equals(current.value));